A Night to be Remembered : Party of The Century, Empire City

Empire City has brought a biggest party ever as a kick-start Malaysian biggest event. Party of the Century had made a record to Malaysian for witnessed a beauty Hollywood Celebrities Paris Hilton live in Malaysia for the first time ever. Yup! It is the first time for Paris Hilton to be in Malaysia and entertain us.


Than you for the biggest opportunity ever that I received from Sidney Kan who surely had made my day after bad news that I received in the morning. But it never stop me to went for a party and enjoying myself for the last time of the month..hew.hew.hew…

Excited with theme of the night ; Glamorous 1920’s, I had many days to find the best dress ever for the event and end up with old Hari Raya Jubah and add on with a new cape I bought on Zalora. So glad that everything arrived on time.


Look the VVIP tags!


Selfie time with Ayue Idris!

Party of the Century Empire City Damansara (6)

The red carpet session was one that people awaited so much.. The red carpet entrance was so grand and I was so shy that day cos terfeeling lebih lalu red carpet…haha.. Luckily ada org snap my pic..ok lah kan?huhuhu.. So lets check out the red carpet pic…




Mark Vincent




Paris Hilton

The event approximately start at 9 pm with a great show from 2 AM.. Before all the guest are enjoying the food that be catered by the Berjaya Hotel and there is also food from Tous Les Jours. The food was simple and nice. The best part is we get to be at the VIP and eat all we can.. Hahaha…


Me n my sis Atiqah



After a performance by 2AM the guest were entertain by the act from other show such as ballet, glossy painting and also the lion dance drum… All the guest were enjoying every second of the performance.


stunning act!

stunning act!


The Empire City will look like in end of year.


The event also a significant of the Empire City bigger success in a few years come. The property took his pride moment and given speech how everyone also can become success like him… He such an inspiration…


Show by Mark Vincent was also one of the highlighted of the day where his voice are truly powerful and really amazed everyone.

Then the time that people waiting for is the show from Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton entertain the guest with her DJ skills and she really enjoying her moment at the stage.


Later then, the moment that I actually waiting for is the performance from Taboo Black Eyed Peas. Big fan here! Hahaha… I do love BEP and even bought a Motorola handphone because of them.. LOL!


Taboo is a real entertainer where his show really making a comeback after quiet dull show by Paris… I felt pity for her.. 😛 Taboo rock the stage even his actually hip hop R&B.. hihi.. Never imagine that he will play Nirvana Song during his performance but then he really makes the crowd scream and put their hands up! WOOT!!!


Party of the Century should be a hight to be remembered. Such a great experience for me. Thank you again Dr. Sidney Kan for a great honored to inviting me to this event. This picture also credit to http://tellmewai.com and also www.marcsjy.com


If you like to see more picture during this event just search the hashtag #partyofthecenturyMY #potcMY #team50MY #EmpireCity on your Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Till then, I need to rest for a while…

Shamiera Osment.

Family Day’s Out: District 21 in IOI Mall Putrajaya Superb Chaos!

Family Day’s Out memang aktiviti keluarga yang di tunggu-tunggu.. Sadly last year we dint managed to plan for any trips because of many reason.. Firstly because mak kalo nak berjalan nak semua anak dia ada sekali…huhu.. So last Thursday semua my siblings available only the ipar-ipar je busy keje…

Here we go District 21! 

For anyone yang tak tahu kat mane District 21 ni.. ok.. it located at IOI Mall Putrajaya at the first and second.. For registration go to First Floor ok… Kena queue untuk register at the machine first.. Add semua name yang datang nak main and nak duduk tengok sahaja pon boleh… Masa weols pergi still tengah promotion price which is RM55 per pax and ada pakej buy 3 free 1… murah ok.. Pasni price dia RM75.. Xperasan la start bile.. Yang nak masuk teman.tengok.melangok.amik pic family beraksi RM15 tp time promo free je…

Before masuk boleh amik picca dulu kat wall yang cantik and kerusi yang freak…hihi.. Overall me mmg suka tengok konsep District ni… mmg best…

Kaunter Ticket

Me with Fateh!

My sis with her baby Aqeed

Walaupon semua siblings ada tapi tak semua pon main.. Me of cos preggy mommy. My sis Salma ada baby kecik yang xde sape nak jaga sangat..hahaha…n my Sis Hikmah takut penat cos malam nanti dia kerja… Mak of cos tak minat.. Abah Atuk yang penyayang-tukang jaga cucu… 🙂

berselirat sekali tmptnya kan

District 21 ni berkonsepkan theme park yang extreme di mana kita akan melakukan aktiviti-aktiviti sukan lasak seperti wall climbing, bmx and also ada carousel for kids kt second stage. Aktiviti yang paling santai off course melompat-lompat atas trampoline. Yang penting ramai sangat queue nak melompat-lompat tu.. Seronok kan..melompat tinggi-tinggi.. 🙂

they only sell drink n ice cream

Banyak juga aktiviti yang ada untuk di cuba and you have to queue to get your turn.. So pergi time public holiday memang nasiblah nak menunggu kan.. So kalo nak best pergi weekdays lah..

District 21 ni mmg seswai untuk beginner yang suka aktiviti lasak nih sebab aktiviti memang tidak terlalu mencabar except sky trail and wall climbing tu.. Sky trail tu kalo tgk pon gayat tapi me memang teringin nak mencuba.. geram pulak xdpt join aritu.. Wall climbing mmg sentiasa mencabar sebab menggunakan kekuatan tangan kita.. and ada satu wall tu siap boleh challenge masa ngn org sebelah… nak lawan?

FATEH xpandai Jump!

Keselamatan diutamakan, dont worry k… Diorang ada sediakan new socks utk main kat Trampoline and masa main kat Maze tu ada kasi glove.. Pastu sume boleh bawak balik… 

crawling in the Maze

Lagi satu yang me teringin sangat nak buat kat sini ialah Slam Dunk..hahaha.. Lompat and shoot bola.. Best kan? Barulah Anamichi Sakuragi.. LOL!

i really tempting to do this!

Nisha sliding down

Aishah n Hkim tgh climb

My sis Atikah on the top

Masa menunggu adik-adik bermain kami sempat g makan Ayam Penyet kat atas tu.. Sedap juga sambal nya..and Lele nya pon sedap rangup..hihihi… Overall aktiviti dorang hari tu amik masa dari pukul 11-4… Ramai orang kot.. Oh yang penting tiket tu untuk all day.. Boleh kuar masuk..main sampai puas.. Berbaloi lah RM55 tu kan…

Tapi my sis Hikmah kata best lagi dia main kat Skytrex kat Langkawi dengan price offer and kat Shah Alam pon ada satu..ape ntah.. malas amik port lagi sebab tak boleh nak join pon… Sabar je la hati…

my sis Aishah Jump and Catch

Oklah thats all pic yg sempat dirakam melalui lensa kesayangan Canon I.. Pastu tetibe dia rosak..sadis lah hai.. tak sempat nak amik pic adik-adik tengah main Sky Trail yg amazing tu… Nak kena g Canon Centre la ni… ke ada nak blanja camera baru? hahaha

Ok for more about District 21 check their website http://www.district21.com.my/

I love Flying Fox.. ^_^’

Shamiera Osment

disclaimer : This is my personal view and a free advertising.


Onitsuka Tiger launches first Japanese themed concept store in Malaysia

Any fans of Onitsuka Tiger shoes? Well guess what, Onitsuka Tiger, the Original Japanese Sports Fashion Brand will be launching its first concept store in Sunway Pyramid this November 25th. It such a great news for the fans right? Soon you will get the chance to visit Onitsuka Tiger own concept store and be amazed with the product line.

In conjunction with the store opening, Onitsuka Tiger is set to re-launch the brand in the new millennia since it’s founded by Kihachiro Onitsuka in the post-world war 1949. Onitsuka Tiger is a sports lifestyle brand mixing the fine arts and traditions of the East with the seductive urban design styles of the West, which will be seen in the new outlet at Sunway Pyramid.

Can’t wait for the opening…

Start your saving Tiger!

Shamiera Osment

About Onitsuka Tiger
In 1949, Kihachiro Onitsuka established Onitsuka Tiger, the forerunner of ASICS. It began with a commitment to promoting youth health, and has gone on to play a part in most major Olympic games. The famous Tiger stripes are synonymous with sporting triumph. The legend lives on today in the fusion of Japanese heritage and contemporary design. The spirit of Onitsuka Tiger is reflected in each collection of unique sneakers, apparel and accessories.