Product Review : Irresistible Wahdah Delight Choco Rice!

Hello chocolate lovers!

Have you heard about Choco Rice from Wardah Delight? The new sensation snack in town! Its crunchy and addicted too!


  • New hit product in online market!
  • Irresistible taste
  • High return purchase
  • High demand


First of all when you bought this product you surely want to eat it. But before that there is several steps you have to do before you indulge this great choco rice.

First step is to soak it in the hot water for 5 minutes or if you have a microwave do use it for 5seconds. 


Secondly stir all the mixture until all the Bubble rice is cover with the chocolate!


Before you stir it.

After you stir it


Thirdly is now ready to eat!


Zahra really enjoy eating this Choco Rice and she even want to eat it all… I also love the chocolaty taste from the chocolate and the crunchy feeling when you eat it. The feeling will never stop until you finished it all…

Hurmmm..I might think to restock it later.. 😛

For your information also WAHDAH Delight is currently searching for an agent in Malaysia.

There also so much benefits for becoming their agent such as:

  • All agent will had their own unique ID number
  • FREE promotion item for ACTIVE AGENT
  • Your details will be published in the magazine, media and every medium of WAHDAH Delight marketing promotion
  • Monthly/Yearly reward for TOP AGENT
  • Agent will be guide in marketing the product
  • Non-stop Q&A session

It interesting right? So hurry up sign up to become one of the Agent or try the product yourself!!! You’ll never regret it. 🙂

For more information about this product:

– Instagram : WAHDAH Delight Official
– Facebook :
– Laman Web :
– No. Hotline : 016 – 772 4594

WAHDAH Delight Satisfied Customer,

Shamiera Osment.


Sakae Sushi Chinese New Year Treats & Yee Sang Launch

Chinese New Year are coming really soon and the spirit are felt everywhere in Malaysia. It feels so great to live in Malaysia where you can celebrate so many eves and have holidays! Despite all of it the food was the one that everyone craving always. So for CNY it is time for Yee Sang!


This year, Sakae Sushi’s Fortune Salmon Yee Sang is once again bound to tempt taste buds everywhere and set the stage for an auspicious toast. A distinctively Japanese-inspired take on the traditional yee sang dish, it is masterfully prepared by Sakae chefs using thick slices of fresh airflown salmon accompanied with a variety of authentic Japanese ingredients such as seasoned jellyfish, scallop, seaweed, radish, sesame, and many more.

Sakae’s delectable yee sang is then topped with a unique and appetising citrus-infused sauce. So, do you know the reason why Sakae’s Yee Sang taste great? The answer is their Fresh Salmon and special signature sauce that is tantalising and refreshing. It complements perfectly with the fresh ingredients used to fully bring out the flavour of the dish.

To cater for different occasions, the Fortune Salmon Yee Sang is available in two dining options themed Success (for 1-2 persons), RM29.80 and Money (for 6-8 persons), RM49.80. For added convenience, the Yee Sang comes in an exclusively designed premium packaging box ideal for takeaways, gatherings, corporate giveaways or gifts.

Sakae Sushi CNY Treasures

Sushi lovers, be sure to keep an eye on the brand new CNY Treasures Combo Set (RM88.80). With a combination of the Money Yee Sang and Sushi Party Set, the Combo Set features Sakae’s signature sushi favourites prepared with Vitamin E-added sushi rice for health benefits. It makes an ideal choice for toasting with loved ones or gathering with friends, relatives and acquaintances and is available for both dine-in and takeaways.


Apart from bonding over great food and great company, diners can also expect auspicious rewards with Sakae’s CNY Treats. This comes in the form of the Lucky Bag Giveaway, where customers just Dine, Collect & Redeem an exclusive Lucky Bag. Through this promotion, customers receive a stamp for every RM30 spent at Sakae Sushi. Once they have collected 8 stamps, they can then redeem a FREE Lucky Bag consisting of a limited edition Sakae Fortune Froggie plush toy, a tote bag, genmaicha, cash vouchers and angpows totalling up to RM88. Alternatively, they can collect just 3 stamps and take home the Lucky Bag for only RM38.80.


Apart from that, this year also marks a unique and meaningful CNY celebration as Sakae Sushi capped off its ‘Gift of Love’ campaign with a cheque presentation ceremony. The campaign, which was launched in conjunction with Sakae’s 17th anniversary last year, saw diners being invited to fold an origami heart and drop it off at the “Gift of Love” box placed in Sakae outlets nationwide. Each origami heart received would then be channelled as RM1 to be donated to Hope worldwide Malaysia, enabling Sakae Sushi and its customers to play an active role together in supporting charity causes.


To commemorate the campaign’s success, Sakae Sushi presented Hope worldwide Malaysia with a total of RM20,000 in donations. This amount was then presented in a ceremony held in Paradigm Mall on 17th January 2015. During the ceremony, children from Hope Worldwide Malaysia also we there and entertain all the guest with their happy songs.


a great performance that day!



Graced by local celebrities, guests of honour, media and bloggers, the event was a fun-filled affair with the launch of Sakae’s CNY Treats, performances, lucky draw and more. Guests were also treated to a sumptuous lunch of Sakae Sushi’s signature dishes including the Fortune Salmon Yee Sang. Thank you so much for treating us that day!

wpid-img_20150117_123508.jpg wpid-img_20150117_125052.jpg

I had so much fun eating and tossing during the Yee Sang with other Blogger friends. Eventhough I did not lucky enough to score a lucky draw but I’m so full that day. Also thank you for Sakae Sushi Paradigm Mall who being so great to look over my son Fateh from any harm during food serving.

Undoubtedly, the Year of Goat promises much great joy and blessings ahead. So, make your way over to Sakae Sushi now for a taste of the auspiciousness to come!

For more information on Chinese New Year Treats, you can check out their Facebook for more updates :

About Sakae Sushi

With 29 outlets in Malaysia, its green frog logo has become a familiar, welcome sight. Synonymous with a fun-filled, value for money dining experience, this popular kaiten sushi-concept restaurant offers a delectable variety of quality Japanese specialties including sushi, sashimi, yakimono, agemono, tempura, Japanese noodles (ramen, soba and udon), gohan, and teishoku. To safeguard the highest standards of freshness and quality, Sakae Sushi sources ingredients from top suppliers around the world and maintains stringent food safety and hygiene standards.

All Sakae Sushi outlets are furnished with a contemporary, stylish and comfortable ambience ideal for a pleasant meal with family members, friends or loved ones. Diners can also enjoy unparalleled convenience, thanks to innovative user-friendly features such as interactive menu screens at every table and individual hot water taps. Sakae’s patented interactive menu system, touted as the fastest ood ordering system, allows customers to browse through menu pages using the iPad and send orders of their favourite dishes directly to the kitchen while keeping a tab on their bill. The result is uick service that’s just a touch away. For freshly steeped tea anytime, customers can just use the unique piped in hot water taps that is built into each table – a handy and convenient feature pioneered by Sakae Sushi.

The Foodgasm : The Heaven for Foodie…

FOOD GASM FEST were held on 12 October 2014 at Taman Lembah Kiara, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail…  it was my first time joining this foodie fest and I absolutely amazed with this fest… Its a FOOD FEST and FOODIE love FOOD!

So getting to the fest its a madness because of it parking space and you had to walk far to get in for the food… So dah nampak makanan-makanan tu pon perut mula menyanyi riang…laporrrr…

Menempel jap kt cnie…

Curside Cantina was my dream concept to sell food… 

There’s a lot of food stall opened here with different style from the truck or even the food stall..

So you can find a lots of foods with a great concept and style from the Malaysian food to the Western and Korean. From the big crazypuff for appetizer to the dessert in a vase…

I actually ended up here due to my sister who helping her friends selling their food from the Best Goats and Sheeps!

 Their stew were honestly superb with their fresh meats ( absolutely fresh from their own farm!) and roasted lamb also were delicous! Zahra mkn Bonda punya roasted lamb sampai habis..huhu

The kambing bakar!

Fateh with his garlic bread.  

 Tips when you here brings all your picnic items because there is no table and chair provided… You can berpiknik anywhere you like..

Queue for drinks!

 But then too bad for this fest its you had to wait too long just to bought a bottle of soda because the organizer was the only one who selling the drinks… and lots of people are actually bought their own drinks to the fest.. good for them.. 🙂

Celebrity Masterchef Zamir also here!

The good food meats and ribs! 

 Unfortunately I cant be there all day and have to go back early as I had to entertain my husband auntie who came from Terengganu… huhu.. too bad for me…

Mini stage

Ok next year I will definitely be here as the food vendor… 

I Love Food!

Shamiera Osment

I Love Taiping!

Yesterday kami sekeluarga pergi balik Taiping, Perak… Tujuannya nak melawat Pak Tam yang sakit..Pak Tam heart attack n warded kt Hospital Taiping..Pak Tam mmg da byk kali juga msk hospital rupanya…cause of heart attack sume sbb sala mkn..overdose mkn buah di musim buah.overdose mkn jeruk..jeruk bahaya ok…tp iols suka sgt..acaner ntah kan..lalala… anak-anak lain yang nak datang melawat pon dia kata xyah.jumpa kt KL je..dia ada appointment kt IJN tis week…semoga terus sihat hendaknya..

Dalam pukul 2, mak guard pon msk ward ckp waktu melawat da tamat…rupanya tak whole day pon even hari Ahad… so kitorang pon kuar dari hospital..apa lagi..MAKAN TIME!!! weols sgt merindui cendol.popia basah.laksa and pasembor! om nom nom…

My family yg excited na mkn cendol… I love cendol kacang!

CENDOL paling best kt Taiping terletak di bandar Taiping..xreti na cite tmpt die..tapi name kedai tu AFC..kitorang makan kt ctu semlm..n PASEMBOR sekali..for me both food mmg best..pasembor agak kurang sket..rasenya dkt kedai BISMILLAH yg dekat ngn kedai AFC tu lagi sedap pasembor die..n ade pcik jual LAKSA nek moto dpn kedai tu…pas pekena Cendol..kitorang bergerak ke Larut Matang…

Kak Long with her hubs. Tmpt dating dorang dulu nie..

Larut Matang nie mmg port dari dulu na mkn POPIA semlm kedai yg slalu kitorang mkn tu da SOLD OUT… -_-“… so mkn je la yg lagi satu kedai tu..yg Mamak ni wat kureng sket sebab a little bit spicy n inti dlm nye sikit…n kedai masakan lauk kampung tu pon da sold out lauknya..mak dpt merasa msk lemak pisang muda…mmg best.. Last time dtg mak n abah mkn lauk yg agak exotic seperti otak lembu n usus lembu…otak lembu mmg ususnya agak keras…

Then next trip g mcari LAKSA… tp sebab my kanda xpernah g jln2 Taiping kitorang g lepak kt Taman Tasik Taiping…kenangan sgt tmpt nie…

Selepas bermain2 di taman kami pon blk selangor… otw blk singgah rnr Tapah n mkn LAKSA yg agak best kt Pak Tam cafe…dapat jugak mkn Laksa kan… Alhamdulillah..


Family Day Warisan Mat Kelan and Saoma (WMKS)

       Hari keluarga Warisan Mat Kelan dan Saoma kali ketiga diadakan di Le Village Resort, Kuantan, Pahang..Family day kali ni 2hari 1malam je…sangat seronok juga tapi tak puas..xdapat byk hadiah…hihihi..lagipon sekejap sangat.. n my family and I x puas na men air laut…
Le Village Beach Resort

         Alkisah perjalanan family day… check in pukul 2..arrived dlm kul lepak tepi pantai dulu..bersalm-salaman dengan sanak saudara.. Mak Anjang n Mak Cik lain ade sediakn nasi dagang. nasi impit n mcm2 boleh mkn dulu sambil tggu na check in…pastu dpt je kunci bilik trs msk bilik tido…hahaha…

Bonda with El-Fateh

        Aktiviti start kul 1730..pertandingan xde sape na mewarna..Zahra n Fate still xckp kitorang mandi kolam la..hihi…then feeling2 na mandi g ke pantai..aduyai angin kuat gile..surfing mmg best la.. El-Fateh pon da terketar-ketar kitorang lari masuk kolam blk..huhuhu

Anak-anak saudara yg gigih mewarna…

Arsyad yg super happy.. Zahra super blur…

El-Fateh with Kanda

Still kekwat..

        Malam lepas maghrib ade bbq dinner..ade ayam n daging n ikan bakar resort sediakn..n of course ade lain2 appertizer, soup(mushroom soup) kak long kate die masak lg sedap..huhu..dessert pon sekadar kek bua yg dletak icing..n pudding n buah-buahan… BBQ nye food ok dagingnya sangat la keras..sebabnya daging tu RARE..merah lagi..urmmm..n nasi goreng pon digoreng ala kadar je..yg plg best kambing yg dibawa sendiri..dorang je tlg bakar kan..hahaha…

Na mkn..lapar nie..

          Aktiviti malam adalah lucky draw yg dbahagikn kpd 2 kategori, Dewasa n Pasangan.. so me mmg kategori pasangan dpt la iron Philips..ok la.. My mom dpt cofee maker Pensonic yg kak long sponsored..hahaha.. Kak long dpt pasta maker.. my sis ima dpt set tipuware bserta gula didalamnya.. lol! nisha dpt table lamp n hakim dpt speaker kecil.. then ade game meneka kacang.. me teka name atas name Az-Zahra dpt no 9 n dpt powerbank cap ayam n abg long dpt no 2 n dpt stove..itu je hasil kutipan mlm tu..

Hadiah kami sekeluarga…

      Esoknya after breakfast we all ade aktiviti sukaneka..ade game boling kelapa, dart, msk bola ping pong dlm bakul n kutip xde menang ape2 pon…sgt tidak hebat..dpt kutip gula-gula ngn anak-anak je.. 🙂 sister Salma n her husband mng 1st prize men dart..

Juara Baling Dart

Boling kelapa…

Hadiah-hadiah yg disponsored oleh ahli keluarga…

Nampak x permainannya? mak2 yg lebi kan..hiihi

My happy family

      After that, budak2 bujang men bola tampar pantai n me bwk anak2 mandi kolam lagi…blk otw ke KL anak2 terus demam…sian anak2…pastu check out and lunch…

      This is the 4th or 3rd time me dtg ke Le Village nie.. dtg dulu pon sbb family day pejabat JKR abah..resort ni mmg best.murah n selesa..Family Day WMKS nie dorang ade sponsor hamper, bg free 2 blk and also ade lagi discount… Resort ni ade chalet and also blk dpt blk Hotel coz yg chalet sume makcik2 punya..

   Thats all report Family Day WMKS kali ke-3…Hope next time ada byk lagi games n karaoke
..last time me mng.thn ni dorang xwat laks…huhu..ok bai…

We are the Warisan Mat Kelan and Saoma…


Kempunan Johnny Rocket~

Yesterday excited gile check CIMBcliks nampak la amount tu da msk…walaweiii..kol my hubby ckp mlm ni I na mkn Johnny Rocket..en.somi kate ok..nnt siap2 la..pas I blk keje kite g…
Ngn gembira pas mandikn my daughter n son I pon mandi..azan je trs solat.pastu trs siap2..Kanda blk pos die trs solat n siap2…
So trs head on g The Curve..smpi curve g ATM na kuar duit mls g atm cimb kuar duit pastu xleh..tukar ATM len pon xleh..last2 g ATM kt bank CIMB pon xleh..check balance $10 je..why oh why?
So I kol CIMB..die ckp check FLOAT lagi..x CLEAR lg…

Ending up mkn Zinger Reloaded kt KEPSI je…

Zinger Reloaded sedap la jugak..dpt yg panas2 beselah salad mmg sedih dlm tu.. Onion ring dlm burger tu a little bit keras. n maybe sauce n mayo kurang..but Kanda enjoyed it.. pastu me order yg hot box tu..dpt ayam seketul n potato ape ntah namenye..actually hashbrown je pon..ade vege hashbrown tu..rasanya not bad la…

Hikmahnya mmg Allah xna kasi mkn Johnny Rocket cos dlm rest tu ade serve varities of beer n Halalnya meragukan coz xde Halal JAKIM pon… mkn yg HALAL je k…kanda pon xrestu na mkn kt ctu tp degil..Allah MAHA BESAR… kempunan ke cmtu? xkot… 🙂

Restaurant Review – My Village Barok Bistro

 Situated along the waterfront of Kuching, My Village Barok Bistro was an eye catching with a great environment surrounding it. As we walk in the restaurant, the ambience of the wooden house with a great decoration of Sarawak heritage gave a high expectation for it service and food.  The high expectation were totally goes to zero as the waiter lead us to our table which only capable for 5-8 person where we altogether were 13 person. Luckily the other guest offered us their table and everything were settled down. Then the waiter passed to us the menu and after suggested by my aunty we ordered Ayam Penyet ,Ayam Pansuh and Teh C for our dinner. It takes more than 15 minutes for the waiter to take our ordered and more than 30 minutes to receive our food. The services were very poor as there is no enough staff to entertain the customer. Typical Malaysian love to enjoy their rice with their barely hands and it was a very pathetic situation when we would like to use the hand washer and it was out of ordered. It also takes more than 15 minutes to wash our hands with the water they sent to our table. But in the end of we were happy when the manager greets us with smile and thanks us for visiting his restaurant. He also shared his secret recipe for their great Ayam Pansuh and Ayam Penyet. Overall the experience in the restaurant really taught us to be a very patient person as the service was very slow.

Here is some picture of us in the restaurant…
My Big Family!
Here comes the food!
From the left : Cik Ana, Cik Nan, Zahra, Abah n Emak!

That’s all for my review…