A Night to be Remembered : Party of The Century, Empire City

Empire City has brought a biggest party ever as a kick-start Malaysian biggest event. Party of the Century had made a record to Malaysian for witnessed a beauty Hollywood Celebrities Paris Hilton live in Malaysia for the first time ever. Yup! It is the first time for Paris Hilton to be in Malaysia and entertain us.


Than you for the biggest opportunity ever that I received from Sidney Kan who surely had made my day after bad news that I received in the morning. But it never stop me to went for a party and enjoying myself for the last time of the month..hew.hew.hew…

Excited with theme of the night ; Glamorous 1920’s, I had many days to find the best dress ever for the event and end up with old Hari Raya Jubah and add on with a new cape I bought on Zalora. So glad that everything arrived on time.


Look the VVIP tags!


Selfie time with Ayue Idris!

Party of the Century Empire City Damansara (6)

The red carpet session was one that people awaited so much.. The red carpet entrance was so grand and I was so shy that day cos terfeeling lebih lalu red carpet…haha.. Luckily ada org snap my pic..ok lah kan?huhuhu.. So lets check out the red carpet pic…




Mark Vincent




Paris Hilton

The event approximately start at 9 pm with a great show from 2 AM.. Before all the guest are enjoying the food that be catered by the Berjaya Hotel and there is also food from Tous Les Jours. The food was simple and nice. The best part is we get to be at the VIP and eat all we can.. Hahaha…


Me n my sis Atiqah



After a performance by 2AM the guest were entertain by the act from other show such as ballet, glossy painting and also the lion dance drum… All the guest were enjoying every second of the performance.


stunning act!

stunning act!


The Empire City will look like in end of year.


The event also a significant of the Empire City bigger success in a few years come. The property took his pride moment and given speech how everyone also can become success like him… He such an inspiration…


Show by Mark Vincent was also one of the highlighted of the day where his voice are truly powerful and really amazed everyone.

Then the time that people waiting for is the show from Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton entertain the guest with her DJ skills and she really enjoying her moment at the stage.


Later then, the moment that I actually waiting for is the performance from Taboo Black Eyed Peas. Big fan here! Hahaha… I do love BEP and even bought a Motorola handphone because of them.. LOL!


Taboo is a real entertainer where his show really making a comeback after quiet dull show by Paris… I felt pity for her.. 😛 Taboo rock the stage even his actually hip hop R&B.. hihi.. Never imagine that he will play Nirvana Song during his performance but then he really makes the crowd scream and put their hands up! WOOT!!!


Party of the Century should be a hight to be remembered. Such a great experience for me. Thank you again Dr. Sidney Kan for a great honored to inviting me to this event. This picture also credit to http://tellmewai.com and also www.marcsjy.com


If you like to see more picture during this event just search the hashtag #partyofthecenturyMY #potcMY #team50MY #EmpireCity on your Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Till then, I need to rest for a while…

Shamiera Osment.


The Party Of The Century by Empire City, Damansara Perdana

Empire City, the 30 acre mixed use development in Damansara Perdana, is holding an exclusive preview on the 23rd of January 2015. An integrated development in a vibrant, artfully stylised world, this City of Lifestyle & Entertainment aims to be the ultimate spot for meeting, dining, shopping and relaxing, all within a self-contained city that balances business with leisure.

Well guess what, I lived near the city where I saw the development of it from it very beginning and so excited with the development and the last product.

“Empire City is a major project for us as well as for the entire Klang Valley,” commented Mark Farquhar, Director of Leasing for Empire City. “The 2.5 million square feet of net lettable retail area, 8 corporate towers and office suites, 3 international 5+ star and 5 star hotels and a cinema themed hotel are built around the 5 pillars that are at the core of Empire City; Design, Art, Music, Performance and Culture.

Surrounded this area you can see The Empire Damansara are also full with artistic culture. The building and eco-friendly environment are truly amazed!

Bringing these pillars to life will be an array of performers and artists, ranging from the renowned Korean group, 2AM, to flamboyant speed painters, as well as the traditional with a twist in the form of an LED dragon dance.

In addition, special performances from Paris Hilton, Taboo of the Black Eye Peas, and Australian tenor, Mark Vincent, will enhance the international atmosphere created by the honoured guests and business owners flying in from across the globe. Is that amazing? yeah your eyes dont lie.. its fo real!!! 

Asian Stars that also will be arriving to attend the event at the moment is Him Low, Sharon Chan & Eliza Sum all from Hong Kong TVB Artist. And Malaysian artist that are confirming is Adi Putra! Awww!!! Can’t wait to see him…

“Based on the concept of the past, present and future converging in the one place now known as Empire City, the combination of the five Pillars form the philosophy that drives the development and operation of all establishments under Empire City,” added Farquhar.

“From style to service, and architecture to amenities, these attributes are instantly recognisable from the thoughtful planning and unparalleled attention to detail, which ultimately aims to deliver the most unique and enriched experience to all. Our preview event in January is a celebration of these ideals, and a literal coalescence of our vision for Empire City in the future.”

Included within Empire City will be a number of unique offerings, such as the cinematic world’s first multiprojection theatre, an Olympic-specification ice rink and stylized boulevards, like Asian Food Street, that will bring the international luxury feel to life for residents and visitors alike. I wish to be one the food vendor at this city… err..where should I apply one huh?

As a development preview, a first for a Malaysian project, Empire City’s “Party of the Century” with its ‘Glamourous 20’s” theme looks to set a high standard for all others in 2015. Ok this part is actually so challenging cos I still dunno what to wear on the red carpet! Anyone want to sponsor me a lovely evening dress? Ohhh pretty please…
So do check out my blog and instagram cos I’ll be updating you with the full event on that day!

For more updates of Empire City, keep stalking these pages too!

What should I wear to be Glamorous 1920’s?
Shamiera Osment

The Butterfly Christmas Dinner!

I’m so excited to blog about this..but had to delayed for few days due to internet problem..hew.hew…

So here we go The Butterfly Christmas Dinner!!!

On the 23rd December 2014, The Butterfly Project held a Christmas Dinner at The Apartment The Curve… Oh kenape join? sebab dekat dengan rumah la kan..hihi.. and of course I’m sooo dying to join the Butterfly Project event… I’m so jealous tgk dorang so happy everytime ada event attended… When its my turn Mamasan? hahaha… Mamasan already gave me a job few days before the event and I’m so damn excited about it and so thankful to be chosen…  

Beauty Box as a door gift and of cos to be review!

Actually me sangat nervous masa masuk dalam Apartment cos of cos orang tak kenal ai walaupon ai kenal dorang… Masuk je nampak sis Nannie Isa and nak queue belakang sis Innanie Ariffin… Sis Innanie Ariffin sangat baik suruh I queue depan dia and then I met a cute person name Ayu… and end up we sit together… 

So before the event start we all take the free for selfie, captured the best moment we are there… So here is the food that The Apartment cater for that day…


2 Turkey for the Christmas spirit.. ( for those who celeberating)… as for me my whole intention is to met new people and makan-makan… Not celebrating the Christmas, yeah because Muslim Haram celebrating Christmas, right? 😛 (hahaha, dont be sarcastic please)

Salad and Soup

We got Salad and Pumpkin soup for our appetizer and soup course…


For the dessert there is Chocalate cake, Red Velvet, Christmas Pudding and Cheesecake…

main courses

For the main course we had a pilaf rice, mushroom chicken pasta, broccoli and cauliflower cheese, fish with lemon capers, chicken and also other veggy…

ice lemon tea for the drinks…

When Tammy said we enjoy the food…ok lets start the queue…

my turkey

pinggan org sebelah.

During the makan-makan , there was a instagram contest that going on where the best food selfie will won a prize…

met with cute blogger!

Tammy still very busy with the schedule and registration table…

Secret santa prize…

We also got Secret Santa game… i still dont know who actually I;m giving the present too…

angel spotted

Best dress contest too!!! and the Angel won too… Congrats!

Mc of the day!

Our talented Butterfly sung for us…

and the crowd became so hyper when they sung Let it go! Let it go!

The night event continue with the grouping task… everyone was so havoc…

mamasan giving speech!

I got a group call love…and we need to all the LOVE person in our group… The best thing ever when you got a chance to be with all the butterfly senior that you always adore from far..

MY teammate!

We name our team BeeUtifly.. The combination of Queen Bee, You. Beautiful. Butterfly…. and we won…that was a very happy ending for the night…


After the present from our santa was given out, and the contest winner were announce and the best dress got their prize, the event end…


The present that I got from my santa and she was so great fulfilling my wishlist… Thank You So Much!!!

such a cute SANTA

my wishlist

Won from the group contest!

And the last very best thing happened that night was someone were so kind car pooling the car for me.. Unfortunately I forgot her name… So tua lah me.. So sorry babe… Any how thank you so much The Butterfly Project for a great night and a chance to be with the community.

Hopefully next year I’ll be much more beauty…hahaha

I’am A Caterpillar I Think!
Shamiera Osment

Majalah Libur Lancar Blog O’Rama

Majalah Liburtidak asing lagi dalam dunia perlancongan di Malaysia. Memasuki tahun ke-12 penerbitannya, majalah percutian berbahasa Melayu pertama di Malaysia ini melangkah setapak ke hadapan dengan mengetengahkan pengisian majalah yang terbaru iaitu Blog 0’ Rama.

So bertempat di Starbucks Coffee Kota Kemuning, Majalah LIBUR telah mengadakan majlis Hi-Tea dan juga perlancaran segmen Blog O’Rama di Majalah LIBUR.
Free Starbucks Coffee?
Blog O’ Rama merupakan kolum khas  untuk memperkenalkan penulis-penulis blog yang aktif dalam menyediakan informasi mengenai dunia pengembaraan, tempat-tempat makan yang menarik serta platfom penulisan blog yang berasaskan  Pelancongan & Gaya Hidup’.

Bermula pada Januari 2015, pihak editorial LIBUR akan memilih dua blog yang menarik untuk diperkenalkan kepada pembaca, sekaligus menjadi Blog 0′ Rama pilihan Majalah LIBUR. Pengisian sebanyak 16 muka surat untuk ruangan ini meliputi rebiu blog-blog yang menarik, artikel percutian yang disumbangkan blogger dan temubual bersama blogger.
Objektif Blog O’Rama adalah sebagai platform untuk blogger mengasah bakat penulisan secara secara formal. Bukan sahaja mengetengahkan blogger-blogger ‘otai’ dan juga bakat-bakat baru, mereka yang terpilih dalam Blog O’ Rama LIBUR juga berpeluang mengikuti program percutian dan tugasan bersama Majalah LIBUR. Alamak me mmg x otai tp blogger baru yang xde banyak kisah travel pon…bukan xna post pasal travel tapi nya dah xkemane..na cite ape kan? hahaha…sadis ai… Hopefully pasni LIBUR ai pergi berlibur dengan mereka… ^_^’ 
Contoh Artikel dlm LIBUR isu JAN 2015.

Mereka yang terpilih juga berpeluang untuk berkongsi artikel-artikel yang menarik di dalam majalah LIBUR,  menyertai pelbagai aktiviti anjuran Majalah LIBUR bersama blogger seperti bengkel fotografi dan penulisan. Seronok kan? Memang banyak aktiviti mereka… Tgk je la duta majalah libur MR.Jocko yang sangat aktif ke sana sini tu…jeles mak!

Kata-kata semangat dari editor LIBUR Mr.Meor

Dalam Majlis yang sangat  relax dan sempoi kami di jamu dengan pelbagai makanan dan coffee sponsored by Starbucks Coffee.. ehem! masyuk sekejap.. eh perlu ke boikot makanan free? hihihi

Kudapan hari itu

Zahra and Fateh mmg agak memalukan Bonda and Abi sebab makan chips dengan sangat gembira sampai orang ingat dorang lapar and kesian kt depa.. Adess.. Malu sat.. Ape pon event berlangsung dengan sangat gembira.. Kami gelak tanpa henti dengan lawak gurau senda dari MC that day iaitu Mr. Radin_Era.fm…

Nampak xmuka gembira mereka?

Mr.Jocko memberi kata-kata semangat pula…

Selepas ucap-ucapan dari orang-orang hebat tentang Majalah LIBUR dan Blog O’Rama para blogger di hargai lagi dengan upacara penyampaian sijil penghargaan.. Rasa sangat di hargai walaupon orang tak kenal pon kita..hahaha

Dapat sijil penghagaan…
Majlis terus berlangsung sambil makan-makan ada acara quiz.. Memang seronok cos dapat jugak hadiah dari quiz… Then acara kemuncak iaitu cabutan bertuah… Ada 10 hadiah yang pasti me bukan in the lucky 10.. sadis… Congrats to the winner yang sangat bertuah membawa pulang khemah bernilai RM1500.. Katanya dia nak bawa g berkelah di Ulu Yam… 
the lucky one!
 Ok lepas tu photo session.. Tetibe ajak Zahra interframe..hihi

Crew-crew LIBUR yang sporting habis!

Overall me sangat seronok dengan event ini sebab dapat hadiah yang best..hehehe.. xlah.. sebab dapat mencuba another best things in blogging area.. n mmg my dream also to travel around the world and nak jugak feeling ada travelogue.. hihi..Hope ini adalah salah satu detik permulaan untuk saya.. 🙂

best tak?

Jika anda ingin menjadi sebahagian daripada BLOG O’ RAMA pilihan LIBUR, hantarkan penyertaan dan pautan blog anda kepada ahmad.syahir@karangkraf.com

Seronoknya Berlibur!

Shamiera Osment

Tentang Majalah LIBUR:

Majalah percutian terunggul di Malaysia ini menggunakan slogan Mudah & Selesa dan ia mula diterbitkan sejak tahun 2002. Perkataan LIBUR, bermaksud Cuti berasal daripada bahasa Nusantara. Kemunculan LIBUR bukan saja sekadar memberi informasi percutian. Ia juga memaparkan trend-trend terkini dalam pelbagai aspek lain yang mempunyai perkaitan dengan pelancongan seperti sukan, gajet elektronik, pakaian, makanan, kesihatan dan pendidikan. Majalah LIBUR berjaya merangkul anugerah Best Local Tourism Magazine dalam Majlis Anugerah Kementerian Pelancongan pada edisi 2010/2011.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/majalah.libur
Instagram: http://instagram.com/majalahlibur
Hashtag: #BlogORamaLibur #MajalahLibur

Yuna E! News Showcase

Hello everyone!

Finally I got a chance to update my blog..hihi..mood ke laut sangat sekarang ni..dengan sakitnya pulak kan…

By the way this event dah lame juga, just baru nak update..Neway thanxs to E! Online for choosing me as one the winner and dapat la me pasess ke showcase Yuna ni yang bertempat di The Garden Theater, The Garden Midvalley.

My excited sis with the goodies and Ukulele!

Before the showcase, we all di jamu dengan makan-makan canape, cakes and tarts yang di cater oleh Kulcats. Food mmg sedap juga..hew hew..Rezeki dapat makan, kalo x lapo lah dalam hall nanti..hahaha
Handsome Nazim Othman and Betty Rahman at the back

Sambil tu boleh pose2 ngan other artis yang datang seperti Nazim Othman yang hensem, Nabila Huda, Betty Rahman and Fazura ada juga datang tapi lambat…

Nabila Huda in the house!

Masuk je hall terus impress dengan stage punya set up…cantik sangat…jadik super excited pulak dengan showcase ni…
a very nice set up stage
DENGAN STATEMENT YUNA YANG BESAR TU…kalo lah boleh g naik stage amik gambar kan..hahaha

Showcase ini di rakam so methodnya seperti biasa, tepuk tangan dengan superb bile start.. and Yuna nyanyi je terus melted and goose bumps… I really love Yuna’s voice…sangat deep…

Banyak juga lagu yang Yuna nyanyi like Falling, Rescue, Lullabies and etc… puas hati juga sebab dapat dengar 2 lagu 2x sebab ada technical issue kena record lagi sekali..haha.. rezeki uols!

Sangat berpuas ati ngn showcase kali ini..Tq again E! Online sebab mengubati kerinduan..eceh!!!

Applause to everyone!

Part yang sedih tu sebab x dpt nak selfie ngn Yuna..bodyguard sangat ketat.. sedih.. xramai pon orang kat luar dah pon tapi..ok lah faham Yuna penat sangat.. tapi ok lah dapat autographed kt Ukulele tu…huhu

ni lah firstime same tggi ngn Yuna..hihi

Overall it was a great showcase and I love it to the max!

Kipas Susah Mati Yuna!

Shamiera Osment

Movie Review : Rentap

First time buat review film Melayu, bukan tak support film Melayu tapi xpernah dapat invite nak ke screening.. eh ceh! Perlu ke dpt pass baru nak buat review? hahaha.. Tp kalo xdpt tiket free mmg x g la tgk wayang..sekarang zaman berjimat cermat… harga tiket wayang boleh dapat ayam seekor.. hahaha<—- ini semua poyo

Actually xg tgk wayang cite Melayu sbb takut pulang dengan kekeciwaan.. hew hew… Last time tgk  wayang filem Jin Pakai Toncit me pulang dengan agak keciwa.. Tapi filem Rentap ini adalah antara genre filem Melayu yang best yang suka untuk saya tonton kerana…

1. Ada aksi Parkour – sukan extreme yang memang best.

2. Ada Elfira Loy yang cute.

3. Kelakar- jalan cerita yang tak boring dengan lawak oleh Syafie Naswip aka Rashid

4. Jalan cerita yang tidak mengarut dan boleh diterima akal. 

5. Banyak aksi lasak.

Filem Rentap adalah filem aksi komedi yang mengisahkan tentang dua beradik yang meminati sukan Parkour. Sukan lasak ini berasal daripada negara Perancis yang baru lagi mula di minati di negara kita Malaysia. Sukan Parkour adalah antara salah satu sukan extreme seperti skateboarding and wall climbing. Saya pon mmg lame dah teringin nak belajar aksi Parkour ni tapi asyik mengandung je..dok diam-diam sudahlah kan…hahaha

Filem Rentap yang hero dan heroin nya adalah Zahiril Adzim, Elfira Loy dan Syafie Naswip, antara muka baru yang menjadi hero filem . So tidak lah bosan dengan muka-muka yang biasa membintangi filem kan? huhu

Jangan lupa kawan-kawan semua pergi menonton filem Rentap di pawagam berhampiran anda mulai hari ini.. 4 December 2014…

Support Malaysian Filem!


Shamiera Osment

Onitsuka Tiger First Concept Store is Now Opening in Sunway Piramid!

Onitsuka Tiger, the Original Japanese Sports Fashion Brand launched its first concept store in Sunway Pyramid on November 25th

Onitsuka Tiger is one of the oldest shoe companies in Japan, tracing its history back to the formation of Onitsuka Co Ltd in 1949 when the 32 year old former military officer, Kihachiro Onitsuka started his company with the hopes of raising postwar youth self-esteem through athletics. (wikipedia)

The new Onitsuka Tiger brand prides itself on craftsmanship, as with every refined Japanese culture. Now, with a touch of modern Japanese style as well as keeping the minimalistic designs in mind, Onitsuka Tiger has built this store based on the roots of the brand itself, which is “Made in Japan” while keeping it minimalistic & modern. 

So who can guess this Nippon Made’s shoes price? Well guess what the price starts at 1.5k… 

So no two pair is alike! worth every penny for everyone who dont like to wear the same thing with others! Right?

The brand itself has ranges that represents both the roots of true Japanese craftsmanship like the Nippon Made range, Made in Japan line that focuses on craftsmanship, premium quality textures and luxurious materials such as Japanese leather as well as the sports fashion range which what the brand itself is widely known for, a lifestyle brand of Japanese heritage with modern flair. The original Japanese sports fashion brand.

 Onitsuka Tiger’s first product was a basketball shoe resembling a straw sandal in many ways. The design was discarded by many and Onitsuka returned to the design stage to better acclimate his shoes for the way in which basketball players started and stopped on the floor. By adding cups and small spaces in the soles of his basketball shoes, Onitsuka made a more effective shoe in 1952 which soon became popular throughout Japan. In 1955, the company increased its business to 500 sports shops across Japan.

The history itself can be read on the board at the store, where all the timeline are started at the 1949.

This cute Onitsuka shoes for kids also available in stores with the price starts at RM199… Mommy and Daddy dont forget to buy for your little one too ok!

Malaysian Origami Master shows us how to make origami on that day…

The details of the store might be hard to tell at first but every single materials used in the outlet has been hand-picked to ensure the outcome would be of that came from the land of the rising sun. 

The façade design is using wooden pattern embossed mortar coated with a paint mixed with “sumi”. “Sumi” is a black ink made mainly of soot that has traditionally used in Japanese painting and calligraphy. The wood used for the wooden pattern is larch veneer also known as “Tiger Plywood” which also visually symbolizes “Onitsuka Tiger”. 

The material created by this special technique truly shows and symbolizes “Craftsmanship” which is valued in the Japanese culture.

A short speech by the Onitsuka Malaysia Director about the history of Onitsuka.

The climate of the event was to reveal what actually behind the red curtain… And the Director with the VIP’s are the one taken off the curtain…

Onitsuka Malaysia Director with the VIP’s during the launch.

and the store is officially open!

the Tiger has been released!

Don’t forget to came by to Onitsuka Tiger at Sunway Piramid to grab your favorite shoes… and take a selfie with the Tiger.. You might won yourself a pair of Onitsuka Tiger!

More info do visit Onitsuka Malaysia Instagram !!!


Shamiera Osment

About Onitsuka Tiger
In 1949, Kihachiro Onitsuka established Onitsuka Tiger, the forerunner of ASICS. It began with a commitment to promoting youth health, and has gone on to play a part in most major Olympic games. The famous Tiger stripes are synonymous with sporting triumph. The legend lives on today in the fusion of Japanese heritage and contemporary design. The spirit of Onitsuka Tiger is reflected in each collection of unique sneakers, apparel and accessories.

Nike Air Force 1 : The Ultimate Reveal

On November 18th 2014, Hundred% held a launch that showcase not only the brand Nike Lunar Force 1 2014 but also the 26 pairs of customized work of art by the local artists and influencers. One can anticipate the different touch given to a plain white pair of sneakers from the influencers of different scenes and walk of life.  

The hand-picked artists were showcased their creativity by putting life and characteristics of who they are and what they do onto a plain white pair of AF-1.


AF1 shoes and the tools for customized.

Before the ultimate reveal.
Before the event starts we were served with some snacks and Red Bull drinks to boost our energy that day.. LOL! and of course during that free time I do check out Hundred% shop items from the cloth to the shoes. 

Dj Marco entertain us with his things!

Others NIKE shoes in stores.

Designed by Bruce Kilgore, the Nike Air Force 1 was the first basketball shoe that uses the Nike Air technology. Nike Sportswear‘s Lunar Force 1 has been reworked for 2014, resulting in the brand new Lunar Force 1 ’14. Ditching the Hyperfuse construction that marked past releases like the Lunar Force 1 Fuse LTHR and “White Ice,” the new version of the silhouette retains the leather upper of the original Air Force 1, coupling it with an updated Lunarlon midsole and an icy translucent rubber outsole.

The Air Force One.

 icy translucent rubber outsole

The artist were using various of tools to customized their Air Force 1 shoes. All the items that they used are basically depends on their creativity and mostly it portrait who there are in their scene of life.

The buttons and etc for the designers.

calligraphy for the shoes!

Air brush for the graffiti artist
The event starts as early as 6.45pm as all the people are arrived early and the place were actually full with the fan and medias.

Edward Lah Lah Land

The artists, ranging from Rappers, Producers, Photographers, Tattoo Artists, Graffiti Artists, Fashion Designers and many more were customising the brand new Lunar Force 1 in the month of October that can now be seen on their instagrams or those with a hashtag of #AF1Theory.

Gary on the history of AF1

After a short and simple speech from Gary Arwin the person in charge with everything that happened that day, AF1 Theory were officially launch and reveal to us.

So lets check out the super cool shoes!

One of my favorite from the Lah Lah Land crew.

The event were also serve as a platform for the public to showcase their customization talents. The event were then allow the public to register and join the customization contest, where the winner of the contest will win a ONE YEAR SUPPLY OF SHOES from HUNDRED%.

So anyone who wanted to check out this awesome shoes can still visit Hundred% shop located at level 3 Lot 10, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur. The shoes will be on display for a month.

Do check out Hundred% Facebook and instagram (@hundredpercentkl) for latest updates and cool event that will happening there. 

Shamiera Osment

About Hundred%Shop

HUNDRED% stands out as one of the Premium Lifestyle Store. With a premium footwear line under its belt, like the Nike NSW line, Kobe Line, Lebron, Kevin Durant line, and Air Jordan brand, plus with other lifestyle shoemakers. Besides the Footwear section, HUNDRED% also stock some of the most renown streetwear brands in the world like Undefeated, Stussy and Us Versus Them. With all this available at HUNDRED%, the store is definitely a must-visit for any streetwear and lifestyle clothing enthusiast, sneakerheads, or just anyone looking for a good variety of things to shop.

Dialogue in the Dark

Can you imagine your life without your 5 senses especially your sight? How it is like to be in the dark and live in a life with the only color BLACK? 

Operating hours

These are conditions that the visually impaired go through every day. However, this does not stop them from improving themselves as the days go by. This is proven by founder of Dialogue in The Dark (DiD) Malaysia, Stevens Chan Kum Fai, who suffered from Glaucoma and lost his visual sense of the world.  The story does not end there, he was determined to bridge the gap between the visually impaired and the sighted public; hoping the latter would further appreciate the importance of sight.

Dialogue in the Dark’s main purpose is to project awareness that there are no differences between “us” and “them”.  Therefore, Dialogue in the Dark has come up with a few concepts that will allow the public to experience a 45 minutes journey through Mount Kinabalu, Petaling Street and Port Dickson without their sense of sight. 

Visitors will then be welcomed to a dining experience in complete darkness known as Cuisine in the Dark, assisted by the guides of Dialogue in the Dark. Imagine dining without the aid of your sight, you won’t be able to see it; however the food will be extra flavoursome when your other senses are heightened!

This 2 hours experience will only cost you RM138 with a 45 minutes walk and full course of dining experience. Isn’t that cool! and it is supercool for me when Nuffnang given me the opportunity to experience it for free..Thank you so much Nuffnang!

Our visit that day were begin with the briefing from the guide about our 45minutes journey in the dark.. Then we were seperated into group where the first 10 people will entered the room first. While waiting for the first group session to end the guide entertain us with some game and of course the SIGHT SENSES is involved.

The journey in the dark begin with the briefing from the guide  on how to use the magic stick. Then all the gadget are not allowed to be use during the session.. So in group of 10 we were guide to walk in the dark and the other senses then were fully utilized. At this moment you will be so grateful to had ear to listen and voice to speak.. Our first stop was at Mount Kinabalu and you never know it was a mountain.

The only dialogue when you were in the dark.

Then we were brought to cross the road, withdraw money with ATM machine and also shopping the groceries in a mall. Lastly we were brought to the beach and you will know it is a beach when you heard the sound of wave.

Briefing by the Guide.

After that were seated for our Cuisine in the Dark.. Before we ate we were entertained with more game with the guide. We also learned how to read the braille font eventhough I did not quite understand what it is written.. Haha..

The CEO and Guide also others churpies n nuffnangers.

The appertizer on that day was spring roll and Som Tam. Then the hot soup Tom Yam Gung.. Imagine eating n peeling the prawn in the dark.. But the big challenge was of cos the main course where I actually did not found my second side dishes on the plate until I were full and finished all my Chicken Green Curry..

It such a great experience to eat in the dark and indulge our food without seeing it. Even in the dark you can felt how good the food was.. After our ice cream arrived we were having one more game and after we succeeded we were given a light to see. It such a surprises to know that all of the guide we actually blind and partially blind. They were so good  in handling us and you never expected that they were visually blind.

In the end DID really opened up our heart and soul to be more grateful of what we had and we should also be more concerns/help with the others that is less unfortunate.

Last but not least, thank you again Nuffnang!

Shamiera Osment

* Do check out DID at The School of Jaya One in PJ ya!

Ceramah & Zikir Perdana Hijrah Rohani

Assalamualaikum… Alhamdulilah kita masih lagi diberi kesempatan untuk hidup di Muharram ini. Awal Muharram atau Maal Hijrah merupakan suatu hari yang penting bagi umat Islam kerana menandakan peristiwa penting yang berlaku dalam sejarah Islam iaitu  hari memperingati penghijrahan Nabi Muhammad s.a.w dari Kota Makkah ke Madinah pada tahun 622 Masihi. Peristiwa bersejarah itu berlaku pada 1 Muharam tahun baru bagi Takwim Hijrah. 

Bersempena dengan peristiwa bersejarah itu, pihak Astro akan mengadakan JELAJAH ASTRO KASIH, Ceramah & Zikir Perdana Maal Hijrah bertema ‘HIJRAH ROHANI’. Program ini  bakal berlangsung pada 25 Oktober 2014 di Padang SMK Tengku Temenggong Ahmad, Kundang Ulu, Ledang, Johor. 

Ceramah & Zikir Perdana ini juga akan di hadiri oleh Yang Amat Berhormat Tan Sri Dato’ Haji Muhyiddin Haji Mohd Yassin, Timbalan Perdana Menteri. Beliau kerap hadir ke majlis selawat seperti ini, Alhamdulillah..

Antara lain yang akan turut serta hadir ke majlis ilmu ini adalah barisan selebriti dan penceremah. Antaranya ialah :

·         Pencetus Ummah / Imam Muda / Ustaz
1.    Ustaz Kazim Elias
2.    Ustaz Haslin Baharim
3.    Ustaz Amaluddin
4.    Ustaz Zulkifli Hamat
5.    IM Hizbur
6.    PU Rahmat
7.    PU Yeop
8.    PU Fakhrul
9.    PU Suffian
10.  PU Hafiz 

·         Artis:
1.    Mawi
2.    Fizo Omar
3.    Iwan Syahman
4.    Ayai Ilusi
5.    Daqmie
6.    Haziq AF
7.    Silah KE3

Memang ramai golongan artis sekarang yang lebih peka dengan ilmu agama dan ramai juga dari golongan ini telah berhijrah.. Alhamdulillah… So kita yang masih leka dan masih lagi di takuk lama marilah cuba sedikit demi sedikit untuk memperbaiki diri agar lebih dekat kepada pencipta-Nya…

Orang-orang Johor dan yang berdekatan dengannya marilah memeriahkan lagi majlis ilmu ini yang penuh dengan manfaat ini.. Selawat dan zikir ke atas Nabi Muhammad SAW semoga mendapat syafaar dari-Nya di akhirat kelak…

Mari Beramal. Salam Maal Hijrah.

Shamiera Osment