My 2015 Make Up by The Butterfly Project Christmas Box

First and foremost thanxs to The Butterfly Project  who definitely make 2015 more beautiful..Beautiful ke?hew.hew.hew….

My 2015 make Up are basically so simple with the two things MUST have items for me which is an eyeliner and a lipbalm… I’ll definitely go crazy if I loose one of this… 


These years make up routine will start with :

1. Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)


My make up routine are surely start with the eye. When the eye is great, the confidence will be burst. LOL! Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black) is surely one liquid eyeliner that easy to be handle. It has a great soft and slim brush that helps you draw a line smoothly. It dried quickly and waterproof too!

2. Maybelline’s Baby Lips Electro Pop


For a lips that always dried like mine, a lip balm is a MUST item in everywhere you go. This Maybelline’s Baby Lips Electro Pop has a light color and I love it because it has a great smell.


3. Collection’s Highlight Lipgloss #04 Sparkle


This Collection’s Highlight Lipgloss #04 Sparkle really amazed me when I opened it. The LED light are so cool and of cos it will you to stay beautiful in any light conditions you are. The mirror beside it also useful for you to touch up with this only item in your pocket/purse.


Beside it great invasion this lipgloss is also had a great color to pair with a lipstick. It gave you a glossy and shimmering lips.


There it goes my simple make up brought to you by The Butterfly Project Christmas Box!

Beginner Beauty Blogger. 😛

Shamiera Osment


The Butterfly Christmas Dinner!

I’m so excited to blog about this..but had to delayed for few days due to internet problem..hew.hew…

So here we go The Butterfly Christmas Dinner!!!

On the 23rd December 2014, The Butterfly Project held a Christmas Dinner at The Apartment The Curve… Oh kenape join? sebab dekat dengan rumah la kan..hihi.. and of course I’m sooo dying to join the Butterfly Project event… I’m so jealous tgk dorang so happy everytime ada event attended… When its my turn Mamasan? hahaha… Mamasan already gave me a job few days before the event and I’m so damn excited about it and so thankful to be chosen…  

Beauty Box as a door gift and of cos to be review!

Actually me sangat nervous masa masuk dalam Apartment cos of cos orang tak kenal ai walaupon ai kenal dorang… Masuk je nampak sis Nannie Isa and nak queue belakang sis Innanie Ariffin… Sis Innanie Ariffin sangat baik suruh I queue depan dia and then I met a cute person name Ayu… and end up we sit together… 

So before the event start we all take the free for selfie, captured the best moment we are there… So here is the food that The Apartment cater for that day…


2 Turkey for the Christmas spirit.. ( for those who celeberating)… as for me my whole intention is to met new people and makan-makan… Not celebrating the Christmas, yeah because Muslim Haram celebrating Christmas, right? 😛 (hahaha, dont be sarcastic please)

Salad and Soup

We got Salad and Pumpkin soup for our appetizer and soup course…


For the dessert there is Chocalate cake, Red Velvet, Christmas Pudding and Cheesecake…

main courses

For the main course we had a pilaf rice, mushroom chicken pasta, broccoli and cauliflower cheese, fish with lemon capers, chicken and also other veggy…

ice lemon tea for the drinks…

When Tammy said we enjoy the food…ok lets start the queue…

my turkey

pinggan org sebelah.

During the makan-makan , there was a instagram contest that going on where the best food selfie will won a prize…

met with cute blogger!

Tammy still very busy with the schedule and registration table…

Secret santa prize…

We also got Secret Santa game… i still dont know who actually I;m giving the present too…

angel spotted

Best dress contest too!!! and the Angel won too… Congrats!

Mc of the day!

Our talented Butterfly sung for us…

and the crowd became so hyper when they sung Let it go! Let it go!

The night event continue with the grouping task… everyone was so havoc…

mamasan giving speech!

I got a group call love…and we need to all the LOVE person in our group… The best thing ever when you got a chance to be with all the butterfly senior that you always adore from far..

MY teammate!

We name our team BeeUtifly.. The combination of Queen Bee, You. Beautiful. Butterfly…. and we won…that was a very happy ending for the night…


After the present from our santa was given out, and the contest winner were announce and the best dress got their prize, the event end…


The present that I got from my santa and she was so great fulfilling my wishlist… Thank You So Much!!!

such a cute SANTA

my wishlist

Won from the group contest!

And the last very best thing happened that night was someone were so kind car pooling the car for me.. Unfortunately I forgot her name… So tua lah me.. So sorry babe… Any how thank you so much The Butterfly Project for a great night and a chance to be with the community.

Hopefully next year I’ll be much more beauty…hahaha

I’am A Caterpillar I Think!
Shamiera Osment

Modern Women Luggage!

Musim cuti sekolah nie pasti ramai yang keluar bercuti with family and friends kan? So ape yang paling xbest before and after travel? Packing and unpacking!!! Mostly people will hates this routine…

source : google
So, bagi wanita yang gemar bercuti atau travel sudah pasti mereka akan mempunyai paling tidak pun satu beg untuk tujuan itu. Ketika bercuti selalunya kita tidak akan bawa banyak barang kecuali yang penting sahaja. Untuk membawa beg yang berlebihan juga bukanlah satu tindakan yang bijak. Cukuplah sekadar satu beg bersaiz besar atau sederhana dan beg tangan. Namun jika anda mempunyai banyak barang yang harus dibawa adalah lebih praktikal untuk menggunakan beg luggage wanita.

Beg luggage yang besar sebenarnya memudahkan aktiviti mengemas beg..haa..boleh sumbat-sumbat je.. SUmbat-sumbat tetap nampak kemas dari luar..kan?hihi.. Tapi jangan sampai pecah sudahlah kan?

Modern women luggage hadir dengan pelbagai saiz yang mengikut kesesuaian dan keperluan anda. Disebabkan itulah ianya adalah pilihan women bag yang sangat praktikal untuk dibawa ketika bercuti. Malah adalah lebih mudah untuk anda bawa dan masukkan semua barang di dalam satu beg yang sama daripada anda agihkan ke dalam beg-beg bersaiz kecil.

Oleh itu antara tips yang paling asasketika bercuti adalah pastikan anda mempunyai luggage yang bersesuaian mengikut keperluan anda sendiri.
The variation of women luggage

Apa yang lebih menarik ialah luggage for women sekarang boleh didapati dengan seleksi rekaan yang cukup moden. Tiada lagi luggage dengan rekaan yang membosankan! Sebaliknya ada rekaan dan corak yang pastinya sesuai dengan personaliti dan cita rasa anda.

Bentuk yang kemas dan waterproof gitu!

Siapa kata rekaan dan warna luggage tidak penting. Beg luggage juga boleh membuatkan anda kelihatan menarik di samping membuatkan penampilan anda kelihatan lebih bergaya daripada biasa! Apa salahnya tampil cantik dan menawan ketika mahu bercuti, bukan? Gaya anda pasti akan menarik perhatian ramai dan memuji cita rasa dan pilihan beg yang anda bawa itu.
So before pergi travel tu why not beli satu ke dua atau tiga travel bag untuk anda atau mungkin juga seisi keluarga anda.. Kan nampak kerlasss je kalau menghempas beg kat jiran tetangga dengan design-design luggage yang same range untuk seisi keluarga…  Happy shopping and happy holiday beauty people!

Shamiera Osment