My Spa Day by The Butterfly Project Beauty Box

Hello again everyone!

Everyone sure would love to be pretty. So to be pretty, ehem! you should take care of you skin inside and the outside. My beauty regime start as early 15years old. During that time I really hope to be fairer and I’m start using a whitening but too bad my flawless has become and acne skin. I had a bad acne problem until early form 17. Gladly my acne skin has gone…

The basic routine for me of cos Facial+Toner+Moistener.

But today thankful to the Christmas Beauty Box a got a chance to enhance my spa day with other beauty things such as L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Velvet Hand Cream, Matrix Biolage ColorLast Shampoo, Always 21 Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist,  Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet,and Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask. Sound fun right?

1. L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Velvet Hand Cream

wpid-img_20150129_115423.jpg wpid-img_20150129_115454.jpg

This will be my second time as far as I remember using a L’occitane product. I quite expensive but surely a good product.  L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Velvet Hand Cream, 10ml have a great scent and works great for my hand. It moisten my palm and make it more softer everyday.

2. Matrix Biolage ColorLast Shampoo

wpid-img_20150129_120710.jpg wpid-img_20150129_114945.jpg

This will the first time I’m using a Matrix Biolage Shampoo and its kinda funny that I received a color last shampoo. My hair is black and I think the color will last until I’m 50.. 😛 But sure I do try this shampoo and it has a great smell and after my hair dry I can feel that my hair were more lightly. It also works on my scalp. You should try it someday too!

3. Always 21 Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist


A gel mist is a great things to had for a housewife and of cos everyone who always on the go. Always 21 is a product from Korea and it was the first time that I used this product. Always 21 Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist really soothed your face and refreshed you up when spray it on your face. With it great smells you surely get comfortable with it. After a tiring house-chores this will help you feel better.

4. Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet


Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet reminds me the cute guy on the wall at Nature Republic in One Utama.Hahaha.. I love wearing a mask because it makes me relax and feeling beautiful for a moment. LOL!

admin-ajax (1)admin-ajax

Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet do have something unique where it mask are actually separated to two side. This will help the one with bigger frame have a better idea with it. My experience after using it of cos I feel so cute like a Kpop star..haha..kidding! It do pamper my face and gave a soothing feeling.

5. Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask


Ok first of all I used the web picture due to my own picture had gone… Too bad for me.. So what so good about this Hydraluron Mask? It is the ultimate facial moisture boosting mask that uses 3D timed release hyaluronic acid. Basically it will help your skin to moisture and reduce the dry skin. Its good for whom who has dry skin.

Thats all my spa regime for now…

Hopefully more great things coming this year!

Till then… have a great spa day everyone and don’t forget to share it with me…

Shamiera Osment

My 2015 Make Up by The Butterfly Project Christmas Box

First and foremost thanxs to The Butterfly Project  who definitely make 2015 more beautiful..Beautiful ke?hew.hew.hew….

My 2015 make Up are basically so simple with the two things MUST have items for me which is an eyeliner and a lipbalm… I’ll definitely go crazy if I loose one of this… 


These years make up routine will start with :

1. Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)


My make up routine are surely start with the eye. When the eye is great, the confidence will be burst. LOL! Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black) is surely one liquid eyeliner that easy to be handle. It has a great soft and slim brush that helps you draw a line smoothly. It dried quickly and waterproof too!

2. Maybelline’s Baby Lips Electro Pop


For a lips that always dried like mine, a lip balm is a MUST item in everywhere you go. This Maybelline’s Baby Lips Electro Pop has a light color and I love it because it has a great smell.


3. Collection’s Highlight Lipgloss #04 Sparkle


This Collection’s Highlight Lipgloss #04 Sparkle really amazed me when I opened it. The LED light are so cool and of cos it will you to stay beautiful in any light conditions you are. The mirror beside it also useful for you to touch up with this only item in your pocket/purse.


Beside it great invasion this lipgloss is also had a great color to pair with a lipstick. It gave you a glossy and shimmering lips.


There it goes my simple make up brought to you by The Butterfly Project Christmas Box!

Beginner Beauty Blogger. 😛

Shamiera Osment

A Night to be Remembered : Party of The Century, Empire City

Empire City has brought a biggest party ever as a kick-start Malaysian biggest event. Party of the Century had made a record to Malaysian for witnessed a beauty Hollywood Celebrities Paris Hilton live in Malaysia for the first time ever. Yup! It is the first time for Paris Hilton to be in Malaysia and entertain us.


Than you for the biggest opportunity ever that I received from Sidney Kan who surely had made my day after bad news that I received in the morning. But it never stop me to went for a party and enjoying myself for the last time of the month..hew.hew.hew…

Excited with theme of the night ; Glamorous 1920’s, I had many days to find the best dress ever for the event and end up with old Hari Raya Jubah and add on with a new cape I bought on Zalora. So glad that everything arrived on time.


Look the VVIP tags!


Selfie time with Ayue Idris!

Party of the Century Empire City Damansara (6)

The red carpet session was one that people awaited so much.. The red carpet entrance was so grand and I was so shy that day cos terfeeling lebih lalu red carpet…haha.. Luckily ada org snap my pic..ok lah kan?huhuhu.. So lets check out the red carpet pic…




Mark Vincent




Paris Hilton

The event approximately start at 9 pm with a great show from 2 AM.. Before all the guest are enjoying the food that be catered by the Berjaya Hotel and there is also food from Tous Les Jours. The food was simple and nice. The best part is we get to be at the VIP and eat all we can.. Hahaha…


Me n my sis Atiqah



After a performance by 2AM the guest were entertain by the act from other show such as ballet, glossy painting and also the lion dance drum… All the guest were enjoying every second of the performance.


stunning act!

stunning act!


The Empire City will look like in end of year.


The event also a significant of the Empire City bigger success in a few years come. The property took his pride moment and given speech how everyone also can become success like him… He such an inspiration…


Show by Mark Vincent was also one of the highlighted of the day where his voice are truly powerful and really amazed everyone.

Then the time that people waiting for is the show from Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton entertain the guest with her DJ skills and she really enjoying her moment at the stage.


Later then, the moment that I actually waiting for is the performance from Taboo Black Eyed Peas. Big fan here! Hahaha… I do love BEP and even bought a Motorola handphone because of them.. LOL!


Taboo is a real entertainer where his show really making a comeback after quiet dull show by Paris… I felt pity for her.. 😛 Taboo rock the stage even his actually hip hop R&B.. hihi.. Never imagine that he will play Nirvana Song during his performance but then he really makes the crowd scream and put their hands up! WOOT!!!


Party of the Century should be a hight to be remembered. Such a great experience for me. Thank you again Dr. Sidney Kan for a great honored to inviting me to this event. This picture also credit to and also


If you like to see more picture during this event just search the hashtag #partyofthecenturyMY #potcMY #team50MY #EmpireCity on your Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Till then, I need to rest for a while…

Shamiera Osment.


#WorldHijabday is on February 1st. Our goal is to have 10 million participants worldwide. We need your help. Would you please upload the  attached logo badge (globe wearing hijab) as your profile picture and make the poster as your cover photo on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.? 

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Lets support the good cause!

Shamiera Osment.

#copypaste from my mail.. hihi…


Hai everyone? 

Have you heard about before? basically a website that selling all stuff from cloth, accessories and also household items. and the great things is cheaper than you can ever imagine. And if you a person that dont really care so much about brand this is a great place to shop! 

In celebrating Chinese New Year on February, had made a special giveaway for everyone… This will the first time I’m joining a giveaway from and I’m so thrill about this…

If I won RM150 product from… This will be on my cart absolutely! 

1. WBS76135 Elegant Rivet Stylish Handbag RM55.50

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I want to win!

Shamiera Osment.

Pemakanan Kanak-kanak VS Perkembangan Kognitif Kanak-kanak

Cuti sekolah telah pon tamat dan ramai ibu bapa yang sangat teruja menghantar anak-anak mereka ke sekolah. Kebanyakan ibu bapa inginkan yang terbaik untuk anak-anak demi masa hadapan mereka kerana ialah satu perkara yang paling indah sebagai seorang ayah/ibu adalah untuk melihat anak-anak kita membesar dan melihat pencapaian mereka yang cemerlang di sepanjang tempoh pembesaran mereka.

Untuk menjadi seorang yang cemerlang pelbagai bahagian perlu diambil kira oleh ibu bapa bagi memastikan tumbersaran kanak-kanak cemerlang. Salah satu bahagian penting dalam tumbesaran awal kanak-kanak adalah perkembangan kognitif, atau lebih dikenali sebagai perkembangan mental. 

Kognitif didefinisikan sebagai proses mental untuk mentafsir, mempelajari dan memahami sesuatu: proses pembelajaran termasuklah pengamatan yang berlaku dalam otak manusia. Kognitif juga boleh didefinisikan sebagai perkara yang berkaitan dengan minda dan bagaimana ia bekerja (Charlesworth, 2004).

Perkembangan kognitif ialah perkembangan yang dialami oleh akal dari aspek pemikiran dan ia dapat dilihat melalui perubahan dalam tingkah laku dan percakapan. Ia berkaitan dengan keupayaan sesorang individu menerima maklumat dari persekitaran, menyimpan dan bagaimana ia diingat semua apabila diperlukan untuk menyelesaikan masalah. Panjang lebar definisi yang dikeluarkan hasil kajian yang dilakukan di serata dunia kerana para pakar tahu ianya amat penting untuk anak-anak yang merupakan pelapis masa hadapan.

Jadi tahukah anda pemakanan memainkan peranan penting untuk tumbesaran dan kemajuan anak anda secara berterusan sepanjang zaman kanak-kanak?

Menurut kajian, pemakanan kanak-kanak adalah salah satu factor yang menyumbang kepada perkembangan kognitif anak-anak anda.  Tambahan pula, nutrien tertentu diperlukan pada setiap peringkat perkembangan mental yang berbeza untuk otak yang pintar dan sihat.

Nutrien yang diperlukan oleh kanak-kanak adalah berbeza di setiap peringkat. Ibu bapa perlu memberi pelbagai jenis makanan untuk memastikan semua keperluan nutrient dipenuhi oleh anak-anak. Piramid diet sihat adalah salah satu panduan membantu ibu bapa memilih makanan yang hendak dimakan setiap hari kerana ia merangkumi empat kumpulan makanan dan tip piramid.

Makanan yang menyediakan nutrien diperlukan kanak-kanak untuk membina tubuh yang kuat turut membekalkan tenaga diperlukan untuk membesar secara normal.

piramid makanan untuk kanak-kanak

Untuk pengetahuan anda tidak ada satu makanan pun yang membekalkan semua nutrien diperlukan oleh kanak-kanak untuk pembesaran fizikal dan mental secara optimum. Setiap makanan mempunyai kadar nutrient yang berbeza, sebagai contoh nasi adalah sumber karbohidrat, ikan sebagai sumber protein, dan lain-lain. Justeru itu, berikan pelbagai makanan daripada setiap kumpulan makanan berkenaan pada setiap hari kepada bagi membekalkan nutrien diperlukan oleh anak anda.

Senarai nutrien yang diperlukan oleh kanak-kanak

Anda inginkan maklumat lanjut tentang pemakanan anak-anak anda? The Do’s and The Don’t’s? Adakah anda ingin mengetahui maklumat yang lebih lanjut dari pakar-pakar sekalian? Sertailah bengkel Tahap Kebijaksanaan Si Manja: Kebaikan Nutrisi untuk Perkembangan Bijak Si Manja ini sekarang kerana hanya tinggal tempat yang TERHAD sahaja! Anda juga berpeluang untuk bertemu dengan Mia Sara di bengkel!

Jadi jangan lupa janji temu kita di :
 Bengkel :  Tahap Kebijaksanaan Si Manja: Kebaikan Nutrisi untuk Perkembangan Bijak Si Manja
Tarikh :  24 Januari 2015, Sabtu
Masa : 10.30am (Pendaftaran bermula dari 9.30am)
Bertempat di :  Auditorium, Connexion@Nexus, Bangsar South

Yuran pendaftaran adalah sebanyak RM30 untuk sebuah keluarga/pasangan. Setiap keluarga yang menyertai akan menerima SATU kit Bengkel Tahap Kebijaksanaan  Dutch Lady yang bernilai RM50!

 Untuk pendaftaran ibu bapa sekalian boleh menghubungi talian bebas tol :  1800-22-1233 atau menerusi  E-mel :

Semoga kita berjumpa di bengkel ilmiah ini nanti!

Saya ingin jadi ibu cemerlang!
Shamiera Osment.
**Charlesworth, R. & Lind, K.K. (2004). Maths & Science For Yung Children. NY: Thomson Delmar Learning.
**Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia, (2008). Modul Program Pensiswazahan Guru Sekolah Rendah , Perkembangan Kognitif Kanak-kanak. 

PRODUCT REVIEW : Shizens Lips Tattoo !!!

Shizens Lip Tattoo makes me excited when I first read about it… its the “Tatoo” makes me so damn excited to have it! It just because I had a dark lips that really uncomforted me.. I have try many product to makes it more pinkish but nothing really works well… 

My first impression is : Is it will be like a tattoo that will makes my lips pinkish forever? (HAHAHA, So HYPERBOLA!) No lah! I just thought that this lips tattoo will goes permanent on my lips or my be hard to stain… 

So guess what?

This star product really does! It work likes magic on your lips.. well you can see it actually white in colour but it then it turn your skin to be pinkish! It also had shimmering effect that makes your lips more kissable! AWWW! over mak ayam kan? LOL!

In the picture you can see how my lips without any lipstick..its dark and pale… My mother always thought that I’m sick when looking at my lips.. So pathetic.. Me without a lipstick will be like a sick mommy! So dull…  

But now thanks to the Butterfly Project Christmas Dinner I get a chance to try a great lips tattoo that really comfort me.. It has no artificial smell or taste that will annoyed you.. and the effect were actually last till 6 hours! You can go shopping happily without to worrying that you are the walking Zombie with a pale lips… Oh thats usually me!

Shizens Lip Tattoo adds a spread of moisture and relieves the

formation of fine lines. It helps to lighten dark pigmented 

lips and gradually turn them into natural pink

 or rosy tones – Shizens

yeah it really lighten the dark pigmented lips like mine… I love it even after I eat my lip still pinkish.. 

So if anyone of you want to have this star product you can check out this info:

Price: Shizens Lip Tattoo (8ml) retails at RM168 each

Store Locations: Shizens Stores
My review :
Repurchase IntentionDefinitely! 

Newbie Beauty Bloggers,

Shamiera Osment

disclaimer : please forgive me with a poor pic becos my canon is rosak… T_T’

The Party Of The Century by Empire City, Damansara Perdana

Empire City, the 30 acre mixed use development in Damansara Perdana, is holding an exclusive preview on the 23rd of January 2015. An integrated development in a vibrant, artfully stylised world, this City of Lifestyle & Entertainment aims to be the ultimate spot for meeting, dining, shopping and relaxing, all within a self-contained city that balances business with leisure.

Well guess what, I lived near the city where I saw the development of it from it very beginning and so excited with the development and the last product.

“Empire City is a major project for us as well as for the entire Klang Valley,” commented Mark Farquhar, Director of Leasing for Empire City. “The 2.5 million square feet of net lettable retail area, 8 corporate towers and office suites, 3 international 5+ star and 5 star hotels and a cinema themed hotel are built around the 5 pillars that are at the core of Empire City; Design, Art, Music, Performance and Culture.

Surrounded this area you can see The Empire Damansara are also full with artistic culture. The building and eco-friendly environment are truly amazed!

Bringing these pillars to life will be an array of performers and artists, ranging from the renowned Korean group, 2AM, to flamboyant speed painters, as well as the traditional with a twist in the form of an LED dragon dance.

In addition, special performances from Paris Hilton, Taboo of the Black Eye Peas, and Australian tenor, Mark Vincent, will enhance the international atmosphere created by the honoured guests and business owners flying in from across the globe. Is that amazing? yeah your eyes dont lie.. its fo real!!! 

Asian Stars that also will be arriving to attend the event at the moment is Him Low, Sharon Chan & Eliza Sum all from Hong Kong TVB Artist. And Malaysian artist that are confirming is Adi Putra! Awww!!! Can’t wait to see him…

“Based on the concept of the past, present and future converging in the one place now known as Empire City, the combination of the five Pillars form the philosophy that drives the development and operation of all establishments under Empire City,” added Farquhar.

“From style to service, and architecture to amenities, these attributes are instantly recognisable from the thoughtful planning and unparalleled attention to detail, which ultimately aims to deliver the most unique and enriched experience to all. Our preview event in January is a celebration of these ideals, and a literal coalescence of our vision for Empire City in the future.”

Included within Empire City will be a number of unique offerings, such as the cinematic world’s first multiprojection theatre, an Olympic-specification ice rink and stylized boulevards, like Asian Food Street, that will bring the international luxury feel to life for residents and visitors alike. I wish to be one the food vendor at this city… err..where should I apply one huh?

As a development preview, a first for a Malaysian project, Empire City’s “Party of the Century” with its ‘Glamourous 20’s” theme looks to set a high standard for all others in 2015. Ok this part is actually so challenging cos I still dunno what to wear on the red carpet! Anyone want to sponsor me a lovely evening dress? Ohhh pretty please…
So do check out my blog and instagram cos I’ll be updating you with the full event on that day!

For more updates of Empire City, keep stalking these pages too!

What should I wear to be Glamorous 1920’s?
Shamiera Osment