Cons Project Kuala Lumpur

On 20 September 2014, Converse Malaysia had organize an awesome event at Wakalab, Media Prima Digital, located at Jalan Riong Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. The 12 hour event that start at 10 am until late was a global initiative community project constructed to inspire the next generation of creative souls through sports, arts, music and style. In collaboration with professionals in the world of skate, entertainment and art.
Registration counter

The CONS Project were hosted interactive workshops for those who are interested in learning. The first session for that day is skateboarding workshop that were hosted by Joe Ipoh, Mariss Khan, Screw The Box and Converse Flow Skaters. I was Joe Ipoh fans when I’m in a secondary school, which I get the influence from the older sister who love the extreme game. She love to bought the extreme magazine(i forgot the name) that is full with the info about the x-games in Malaysia. We even went to the Malaysian x-games once and enjoying the extreme scene. When my sister asked Abah to bought her skateboard, he only bought us the cheap skateboard which only allowed us to ride on it and you can’t even do any tricks with it because its a hard plastic board..haha… 

Joe Ipoh also in the crowd
High School memory such an awesome to remembered but never thought that I will married to ex-skaters one day.. My husband used to play skate from high school and he stop playing skate just before he met me..hahaha.. I’m a bad influence? Did I stop him? Nah! He just getting busy and forgot about his skateboard world that time..but he still kept his old deck in the house… 
Mariss said that DingDang influence him to skate

The first session also were served with nasi lemak and drinking water for all attendees and I was really enjoyed the super relax talk by Mariss Khan about the Malaysian Skateboarding industry, the influence that he got with his skateboard design. After the QA session with Mariss Khan the event continued with ScrewTheBox, the guy behind the scene who capture the great video and picture in the skateboarding industry. 

i want this!!! 

During that session, there also others great things happening at the Wakalab where you can ‘cuci mata’ and start your saving to buy the gorgeous Cons Weapons Shoes which I also fall in love with the design. Thanks to Converse who inviting the great shoes to make the all skaters more handsome and comfort while doing the Ollie. 
the making off supercool cons project shirt

You also can queue up to grab your free Converse shirt with your on choice design from Black Canvas that day… My husband were so happy with it and even wear it that night while working, and he said that the shirt was comfy and ‘tak panas’.. 😛 


the hijabis skaters
There is also Converse Skatepark where you can skate all day and the skaters from all age and gender were enjoyed at it… I even spot a Hijabis skaters that day and salute her for being herself and proud of it..You go girl!

custom your deck here!

Anyone who brought his skateboard can also custom or restore their old board with the Cons Project Team.

Later that day you also can enjoyed mixing your own beats, filming and production, graffiti and many more; CONS has it all. The music session were hosted by Kudut from The Azenders and Subculture and art session hosted by District Collective, scene in Malaysia, all in relation to the theme for Converse CONS and lastly gigs by independent local acts (Azure For Janne, Instake, Maddthelin and I-Revival). Winners of Converse Get Loud from Converse Malaysia’s 2013 Music Tour and Online Campaign, Nervedeless, were there entertaining the attendees. 

Too bad I can only join the event until lunch because need to rush home to entertain our guest from Kuantan.. 

The day were ended with a gig session and with a great show by The Subculture! Havoc!

You can check out the Converse Malaysia Facebook page for the event pic and also don’t forget to follow them if you don’t want to miss out the great event from them in the future!
My Loot!
By the way thanks again Mr. Cool Jack who invited me in this awesomeness event! 
Skate For Life?

Shamiera Osment

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