Prize Giving Ceremony-Sofy 360!

2nd November – Giant Kota Damansara This is the first Grand Prize that I won from online contest… 🙂 I won Habib Jewels pendant worth RM888 and RM200 Giant voucher…

Basically, me hantar this pic for the contest..n it was a last mins things..lg 30mins na closed br sent..n amik pic mlm tu jugak with my sis… n yg penting mak yang amik kan pic..berkat tgn mak kot..hihi

Lastly pic sekitar event…

me.aishah n dayah..

Lisa Surihani tgh sign autographed.

Mia Sarah Nasuha with anak Kak Ezna… me xsmpt na pic with her..die na ke toilet..huhu… That’s all! Love.Hate.Wisdom