ATR 72-600 Plane Crash!


TAIPEI: At least nine people were killed and dozens unaccounted for after a TransAsia Airways plane with 58 passengers and crew on board crash-landed in a Taipei river on Wednesday, officials and domestic media said.

Dramatic pictures taken by a motorist and posted on Twitter showed the plane cartwheeling over a motorway close to the airport soon after the turboprop ATR 72-600 aircraft took off.

Television footage showed passengers wearing life jackets wading and swimming clear of the river.

Emergency rescue officials in inflatable boats crowded around the partially submerged fuselage, lying on its side in the river, trying to help those on board.

Oh my.. the plane crash issue is still going on..

My pray and thought goes to the effected people in the plane.

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Tripda Makes Your Journey Worth Every Mile!

If you ever stuck in a traffic and feels bored driving alone but had no solution about it? Want to get a ride but feel so shy to ask? Ehem! let me introduce you with a new best thing in town : TRIPDA So what is TRIPDA? Based on Oxford Dictionary, just kidding…

Tripda is an online carpooling platform that connects drivers commuting with empty seats in their cars and passengers heading the same way.
Our vision is to transform carpooling into a viable transportation alternative, so both driver & passenger can share the cost of the trip, while meeting new people, reducing traffic and preserving the environment!

You heard it right! It is a carpooling system that will help your journey more memorable than ever! So how it actually works?


The step were actually simple as 1.2.3.

  1. Get the application from your Android and Apple Store.. or even log in with your computer at .
  2. Register with your Facebook! Its so simple where you only need to add a few more details left.
  3. Offer or Find your ride. So here is where you can as the user will decide what you will want to do..offering a ride? or finding a ride? as for me, I don’t really drive so I’ll find a ride.
  4. Select your route. Now go find a best offer and what kind of driver/passenger you want. Its your call… 🙂
  5. Enjoy your ride. When the day come do enjoy your ride and all the benefit you’ll get.
  6. Rate and review. Do rate and review your ride. It is fun? Did you get a new friend or what? Please do a review, it will help others too!

Example of my preference ride. What yours?




Carpooling do helps you make new friend. Get social people and make your journey more fun with a new story of life.



Sharing is caring… Sharing will reduce your cost when you travel with a lot of saving in the fuel cost and also toll cost.



Save the mother earth with carpooling. How actually it helps? Carpooling reduce numbers of car in the street = reduce the percentage of air pollution. Preserve the beauty of the mother nature for our children.



Your security will be the highest concern. Before to have a ride get to know who you carpool with through user ratings, Facebook profiles, mobile & email verification. Yes! Please do some research cos we don’t want you to end up having a misery experience!


images (1)

Defining a convenient with a Tripda is like everything is on your fingertip and is free. Book any trip anywhere anytime. You just need your cellphone and of cos your internet. Don’t have internet at home? Oh please go nearest restaurant or anything, Free WIFI is anywhere today! 😛

So With so much benefits that you will enjoy please please do carpooling people.

Oh do I carpooling? Yes!


I had a trip to Johor few weeks back and I do carpooling with my best buddies and we get a lot of saving through the toll and fuel cost. Its so cheap rather than traveling alone. And the best part is we had a lot of memories to capture and shared.

Maybe next time when I had a trip I’ll try TRIPDA for carpooling. It must be fun to know new people.

If you want to know more about this great apps please go to :


Product Review : Irresistible Wahdah Delight Choco Rice!

Hello chocolate lovers!

Have you heard about Choco Rice from Wardah Delight? The new sensation snack in town! Its crunchy and addicted too!


  • New hit product in online market!
  • Irresistible taste
  • High return purchase
  • High demand


First of all when you bought this product you surely want to eat it. But before that there is several steps you have to do before you indulge this great choco rice.

First step is to soak it in the hot water for 5 minutes or if you have a microwave do use it for 5seconds. 


Secondly stir all the mixture until all the Bubble rice is cover with the chocolate!


Before you stir it.

After you stir it


Thirdly is now ready to eat!


Zahra really enjoy eating this Choco Rice and she even want to eat it all… I also love the chocolaty taste from the chocolate and the crunchy feeling when you eat it. The feeling will never stop until you finished it all…

Hurmmm..I might think to restock it later.. 😛

For your information also WAHDAH Delight is currently searching for an agent in Malaysia.

There also so much benefits for becoming their agent such as:

  • All agent will had their own unique ID number
  • FREE promotion item for ACTIVE AGENT
  • Your details will be published in the magazine, media and every medium of WAHDAH Delight marketing promotion
  • Monthly/Yearly reward for TOP AGENT
  • Agent will be guide in marketing the product
  • Non-stop Q&A session

It interesting right? So hurry up sign up to become one of the Agent or try the product yourself!!! You’ll never regret it. 🙂

For more information about this product:

– Instagram : WAHDAH Delight Official
– Facebook :
– Laman Web :
– No. Hotline : 016 – 772 4594

WAHDAH Delight Satisfied Customer,

Shamiera Osment.

Sakae Sushi Chinese New Year Treats & Yee Sang Launch

Chinese New Year are coming really soon and the spirit are felt everywhere in Malaysia. It feels so great to live in Malaysia where you can celebrate so many eves and have holidays! Despite all of it the food was the one that everyone craving always. So for CNY it is time for Yee Sang!


This year, Sakae Sushi’s Fortune Salmon Yee Sang is once again bound to tempt taste buds everywhere and set the stage for an auspicious toast. A distinctively Japanese-inspired take on the traditional yee sang dish, it is masterfully prepared by Sakae chefs using thick slices of fresh airflown salmon accompanied with a variety of authentic Japanese ingredients such as seasoned jellyfish, scallop, seaweed, radish, sesame, and many more.

Sakae’s delectable yee sang is then topped with a unique and appetising citrus-infused sauce. So, do you know the reason why Sakae’s Yee Sang taste great? The answer is their Fresh Salmon and special signature sauce that is tantalising and refreshing. It complements perfectly with the fresh ingredients used to fully bring out the flavour of the dish.

To cater for different occasions, the Fortune Salmon Yee Sang is available in two dining options themed Success (for 1-2 persons), RM29.80 and Money (for 6-8 persons), RM49.80. For added convenience, the Yee Sang comes in an exclusively designed premium packaging box ideal for takeaways, gatherings, corporate giveaways or gifts.

Sakae Sushi CNY Treasures

Sushi lovers, be sure to keep an eye on the brand new CNY Treasures Combo Set (RM88.80). With a combination of the Money Yee Sang and Sushi Party Set, the Combo Set features Sakae’s signature sushi favourites prepared with Vitamin E-added sushi rice for health benefits. It makes an ideal choice for toasting with loved ones or gathering with friends, relatives and acquaintances and is available for both dine-in and takeaways.


Apart from bonding over great food and great company, diners can also expect auspicious rewards with Sakae’s CNY Treats. This comes in the form of the Lucky Bag Giveaway, where customers just Dine, Collect & Redeem an exclusive Lucky Bag. Through this promotion, customers receive a stamp for every RM30 spent at Sakae Sushi. Once they have collected 8 stamps, they can then redeem a FREE Lucky Bag consisting of a limited edition Sakae Fortune Froggie plush toy, a tote bag, genmaicha, cash vouchers and angpows totalling up to RM88. Alternatively, they can collect just 3 stamps and take home the Lucky Bag for only RM38.80.


Apart from that, this year also marks a unique and meaningful CNY celebration as Sakae Sushi capped off its ‘Gift of Love’ campaign with a cheque presentation ceremony. The campaign, which was launched in conjunction with Sakae’s 17th anniversary last year, saw diners being invited to fold an origami heart and drop it off at the “Gift of Love” box placed in Sakae outlets nationwide. Each origami heart received would then be channelled as RM1 to be donated to Hope worldwide Malaysia, enabling Sakae Sushi and its customers to play an active role together in supporting charity causes.


To commemorate the campaign’s success, Sakae Sushi presented Hope worldwide Malaysia with a total of RM20,000 in donations. This amount was then presented in a ceremony held in Paradigm Mall on 17th January 2015. During the ceremony, children from Hope Worldwide Malaysia also we there and entertain all the guest with their happy songs.


a great performance that day!



Graced by local celebrities, guests of honour, media and bloggers, the event was a fun-filled affair with the launch of Sakae’s CNY Treats, performances, lucky draw and more. Guests were also treated to a sumptuous lunch of Sakae Sushi’s signature dishes including the Fortune Salmon Yee Sang. Thank you so much for treating us that day!

wpid-img_20150117_123508.jpg wpid-img_20150117_125052.jpg

I had so much fun eating and tossing during the Yee Sang with other Blogger friends. Eventhough I did not lucky enough to score a lucky draw but I’m so full that day. Also thank you for Sakae Sushi Paradigm Mall who being so great to look over my son Fateh from any harm during food serving.

Undoubtedly, the Year of Goat promises much great joy and blessings ahead. So, make your way over to Sakae Sushi now for a taste of the auspiciousness to come!

For more information on Chinese New Year Treats, you can check out their Facebook for more updates :

About Sakae Sushi

With 29 outlets in Malaysia, its green frog logo has become a familiar, welcome sight. Synonymous with a fun-filled, value for money dining experience, this popular kaiten sushi-concept restaurant offers a delectable variety of quality Japanese specialties including sushi, sashimi, yakimono, agemono, tempura, Japanese noodles (ramen, soba and udon), gohan, and teishoku. To safeguard the highest standards of freshness and quality, Sakae Sushi sources ingredients from top suppliers around the world and maintains stringent food safety and hygiene standards.

All Sakae Sushi outlets are furnished with a contemporary, stylish and comfortable ambience ideal for a pleasant meal with family members, friends or loved ones. Diners can also enjoy unparalleled convenience, thanks to innovative user-friendly features such as interactive menu screens at every table and individual hot water taps. Sakae’s patented interactive menu system, touted as the fastest ood ordering system, allows customers to browse through menu pages using the iPad and send orders of their favourite dishes directly to the kitchen while keeping a tab on their bill. The result is uick service that’s just a touch away. For freshly steeped tea anytime, customers can just use the unique piped in hot water taps that is built into each table – a handy and convenient feature pioneered by Sakae Sushi.

My Spa Day by The Butterfly Project Beauty Box

Hello again everyone!

Everyone sure would love to be pretty. So to be pretty, ehem! you should take care of you skin inside and the outside. My beauty regime start as early 15years old. During that time I really hope to be fairer and I’m start using a whitening but too bad my flawless has become and acne skin. I had a bad acne problem until early form 17. Gladly my acne skin has gone…

The basic routine for me of cos Facial+Toner+Moistener.

But today thankful to the Christmas Beauty Box a got a chance to enhance my spa day with other beauty things such as L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Velvet Hand Cream, Matrix Biolage ColorLast Shampoo, Always 21 Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist,  Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet,and Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask. Sound fun right?

1. L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Velvet Hand Cream

wpid-img_20150129_115423.jpg wpid-img_20150129_115454.jpg

This will be my second time as far as I remember using a L’occitane product. I quite expensive but surely a good product.  L’OCCITANE Arlesienne Velvet Hand Cream, 10ml have a great scent and works great for my hand. It moisten my palm and make it more softer everyday.

2. Matrix Biolage ColorLast Shampoo

wpid-img_20150129_120710.jpg wpid-img_20150129_114945.jpg

This will the first time I’m using a Matrix Biolage Shampoo and its kinda funny that I received a color last shampoo. My hair is black and I think the color will last until I’m 50.. 😛 But sure I do try this shampoo and it has a great smell and after my hair dry I can feel that my hair were more lightly. It also works on my scalp. You should try it someday too!

3. Always 21 Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist


A gel mist is a great things to had for a housewife and of cos everyone who always on the go. Always 21 is a product from Korea and it was the first time that I used this product. Always 21 Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist really soothed your face and refreshed you up when spray it on your face. With it great smells you surely get comfortable with it. After a tiring house-chores this will help you feel better.

4. Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet


Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet reminds me the cute guy on the wall at Nature Republic in One Utama.Hahaha.. I love wearing a mask because it makes me relax and feeling beautiful for a moment. LOL!

admin-ajax (1)admin-ajax

Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask Sheet do have something unique where it mask are actually separated to two side. This will help the one with bigger frame have a better idea with it. My experience after using it of cos I feel so cute like a Kpop star..haha..kidding! It do pamper my face and gave a soothing feeling.

5. Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask


Ok first of all I used the web picture due to my own picture had gone… Too bad for me.. So what so good about this Hydraluron Mask? It is the ultimate facial moisture boosting mask that uses 3D timed release hyaluronic acid. Basically it will help your skin to moisture and reduce the dry skin. Its good for whom who has dry skin.

Thats all my spa regime for now…

Hopefully more great things coming this year!

Till then… have a great spa day everyone and don’t forget to share it with me…

Shamiera Osment

My 2015 Make Up by The Butterfly Project Christmas Box

First and foremost thanxs to The Butterfly Project  who definitely make 2015 more beautiful..Beautiful ke?hew.hew.hew….

My 2015 make Up are basically so simple with the two things MUST have items for me which is an eyeliner and a lipbalm… I’ll definitely go crazy if I loose one of this… 


These years make up routine will start with :

1. Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)


My make up routine are surely start with the eye. When the eye is great, the confidence will be burst. LOL! Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black) is surely one liquid eyeliner that easy to be handle. It has a great soft and slim brush that helps you draw a line smoothly. It dried quickly and waterproof too!

2. Maybelline’s Baby Lips Electro Pop


For a lips that always dried like mine, a lip balm is a MUST item in everywhere you go. This Maybelline’s Baby Lips Electro Pop has a light color and I love it because it has a great smell.


3. Collection’s Highlight Lipgloss #04 Sparkle


This Collection’s Highlight Lipgloss #04 Sparkle really amazed me when I opened it. The LED light are so cool and of cos it will you to stay beautiful in any light conditions you are. The mirror beside it also useful for you to touch up with this only item in your pocket/purse.


Beside it great invasion this lipgloss is also had a great color to pair with a lipstick. It gave you a glossy and shimmering lips.


There it goes my simple make up brought to you by The Butterfly Project Christmas Box!

Beginner Beauty Blogger. 😛

Shamiera Osment

A Night to be Remembered : Party of The Century, Empire City

Empire City has brought a biggest party ever as a kick-start Malaysian biggest event. Party of the Century had made a record to Malaysian for witnessed a beauty Hollywood Celebrities Paris Hilton live in Malaysia for the first time ever. Yup! It is the first time for Paris Hilton to be in Malaysia and entertain us.


Than you for the biggest opportunity ever that I received from Sidney Kan who surely had made my day after bad news that I received in the morning. But it never stop me to went for a party and enjoying myself for the last time of the month..hew.hew.hew…

Excited with theme of the night ; Glamorous 1920’s, I had many days to find the best dress ever for the event and end up with old Hari Raya Jubah and add on with a new cape I bought on Zalora. So glad that everything arrived on time.


Look the VVIP tags!


Selfie time with Ayue Idris!

Party of the Century Empire City Damansara (6)

The red carpet session was one that people awaited so much.. The red carpet entrance was so grand and I was so shy that day cos terfeeling lebih lalu red carpet…haha.. Luckily ada org snap my pic..ok lah kan?huhuhu.. So lets check out the red carpet pic…




Mark Vincent




Paris Hilton

The event approximately start at 9 pm with a great show from 2 AM.. Before all the guest are enjoying the food that be catered by the Berjaya Hotel and there is also food from Tous Les Jours. The food was simple and nice. The best part is we get to be at the VIP and eat all we can.. Hahaha…


Me n my sis Atiqah



After a performance by 2AM the guest were entertain by the act from other show such as ballet, glossy painting and also the lion dance drum… All the guest were enjoying every second of the performance.


stunning act!

stunning act!


The Empire City will look like in end of year.


The event also a significant of the Empire City bigger success in a few years come. The property took his pride moment and given speech how everyone also can become success like him… He such an inspiration…


Show by Mark Vincent was also one of the highlighted of the day where his voice are truly powerful and really amazed everyone.

Then the time that people waiting for is the show from Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton entertain the guest with her DJ skills and she really enjoying her moment at the stage.


Later then, the moment that I actually waiting for is the performance from Taboo Black Eyed Peas. Big fan here! Hahaha… I do love BEP and even bought a Motorola handphone because of them.. LOL!


Taboo is a real entertainer where his show really making a comeback after quiet dull show by Paris… I felt pity for her.. 😛 Taboo rock the stage even his actually hip hop R&B.. hihi.. Never imagine that he will play Nirvana Song during his performance but then he really makes the crowd scream and put their hands up! WOOT!!!


Party of the Century should be a hight to be remembered. Such a great experience for me. Thank you again Dr. Sidney Kan for a great honored to inviting me to this event. This picture also credit to and also


If you like to see more picture during this event just search the hashtag #partyofthecenturyMY #potcMY #team50MY #EmpireCity on your Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

Till then, I need to rest for a while…

Shamiera Osment.